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    Wardrobe design options

    Based on space, requirements and budget you can choose style of wardrobes


    Hinged Wardrobe


    You can go with hinged wardrobe if you

    have good enough space in the room.

    This is more durable, easy to maintain.













    Sliding Wardrobe


    You can plan sliding wardrobe if there

    is a space constraint. Sliding wardrobes

    are more trendy but little expensive

    compare to hinged once















    Corner Wardrobe


    If space is constraint or if you want

    to utilize the space well, then go with

    corner wardrobes
















    Walk-in wardrobe


    Need larger space compare to other

    wardrobes. You can store lot of stuffs

    and looks very stylish














    Creative & Alternative

    Creative, alternative and do it yourself stuffs!

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