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    5 Ways to design your Shoe storage

    There are many ways to design and manage your shoe storage, few ways are here!  


    1. Under the Stairs




    Your daily shoes can be near

    the front door but you can

    design and utilize the space

    under the staircase for your

    outdoor shoes which you use

    occasionally. You can put a

    large number of all kinds of

    shoes here  








    2. Floor Shoe Trolley






    For the space saving option

    and creative shoe rack idea

    you can use trolley for shoe

    holder under your bed.







    3.Footprint Wire Shoe Rack





     To add some class and fun to

    storing your sandals and closed

    toed shoes, purchase a footprint

    wire shoe rack.  





















    4. PVC Pipe Shoe Rack





    Here is an innovative idea:

    take PVC pipes and make

    a space saving and visually

    appealing series of shoe

    storage spaces

















    5. Baby Shoe Hooks











     One of the cutest shoe

    storage ideas is hanging

    clip rings to keep your

    child’s shoes 






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