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    Different types of laminates

    There are wide range of laminates are available  

    Matt finish (wooden)


    Matt finish laminates with different

    wooden patterns are available which suits for

    bedrooms or living rooms 







    Matt finish (Plain) 

    Matt finish laminates with plain colors suits for kids bedroom  










    Textured laminates

    Textured laminates gives real wood

    feeling and looks more like veneer,

    gives really very rich look to the interiors 



    Gloss marble finish

    Looks more like marble and gives

    totally different look than regular wooden

    and plain laminates






















    Glossy Plain Laminates


    Looks very trendy, good for

    kitchens and bedrooms
















    Glossy wooden Laminates


    Looks very unique, good for

    bedrooms and living room

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