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    5 tips on kitchen design!

    10 Feb 2017

    1. Right materials

    credit: unknown


    Use water proof materials for kitchen carcass which is more durable






    2. Avoid drawers below the cooking range


    Avoid drawers and provide shelf below the cooking range, it is difficult to use drawers all the time while cooking. And easy to install cooking range in the wood work  







    3. Use the corner smartly

    credit: Blum

    You can utilize the corners very smartly which is very tricky in the kitchen! Go for carousel, magic corner, pull out shelf, space corner or use double door concept







    4. Seemly granite and wall tiles


    Use a granite / platform material and wall tiles which matches with your kitchen theme and color!













    5. Tall unit for microwave



    Use this kind of folding furniture to utilize space effectively; it could be bed, table or chair!

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