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    5 Interior design ideas

    1. How to feel smaller rooms into larger

    Smaller size room has the propensity to seem overcrowded, you can use light colored walls and make the room seem larger than its actual size. On the other hand, darker colors will make a room feel smaller.







    2. Visually increase your Space with Mirrors

    Mirrors increase your spaces visually so you may use mirrors in small rooms to visually expand it. See to that it should reflect good views of your home. Mirrors not only increase the space visually but also improve the light quality of the space






    3. Add plants


    Add plants to your living space. Plants are the best and economical way to beautifying your space and adding color to your interiors. They just not only beautify but many can clean internal air and balance humidity






    4. Don’t forget about the false ceiling


    False ceiling can give unique, matchless and different character to your home, which also leaves a permanent impression in the minds of guests and friends who step in!








    5. God is in the details


    Whether you are decorating your first home or your third, great design is in the details.

    Paying attention to details is crucial for avoiding mistakes, easy maintenance, avoiding injuries, making a good impression!







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